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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Xbox Video Game – Xbox Game News

The Xbox Game pass control was rumored to be launching and there were some strong expectations from this but the news saw a backsplash as the boss of the company used twitter to announce that nothing like this is coming any time soon.

The said that the information regarding control coming to xbox game pass is totally incorrect. Further he added that he has nothing to share regarding that news or advancement this time. He also said that they know the importance of control and library but nothing like this is coming up as of now. They value the players and respect their requirements but for this control on library update users have to wait.

Before this he announced the arrival of control to the library in a video stream but he labeled it as an error done. The famous game geek spencer took the opportunity to share his views that he is glad after the announcement of control. He said that control was not available before or the time availability was somehow kind of short to be labeled as real launch. So he shared his excitement that how this will benefit many players and increase the worldwide interest in the game.

The part was not totally mentioned by him he just shared some views on the upcoming arrival but which part of game he was referring to is still under wraps and unclear.

The control availability made the players overjoyed and trilled but after august all got turned up and things changed completely. There was no control present after that and it was really astonishing and surprising to encounter as it was really much awaited.

The control no doubt is best titles of the remedy entertainment and should have been continued. Some older games are mentioned to be coming to game pass but they are pretty older ones and people just are demanding the company to add new ones in the list.