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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Top Android Games

There are a lot of games and sometimes it becomes to choose among them that for which to go for. So to remove this stress we decided to highlight some of the best android games.

Call of duty

 If you are a game lover specially in terms of Shooting Games then this game is best for you. The graphics and visuals gives the game best list preference as it makes you feel that you are just yourself inside and fighting for the cause personally.


If you like playing strategy based games then its for you, as its most satisfying and challenging game. This games include different strategies like political and business all you have to do is to make your market flourish. So its technical and very Interesting Game you must play it.

Mini metro

Its also a very creative and puzzle based game. If you like solving confusing puzzles than this game is for you. There are different kind of challenges played across 20 different cities so its fun and really very unique game


Its fun filled game you are just a free player and have to survive the odds as a character. Its very interesting and different kind of game. This game also have huge following among all age groups. So its also a must play game.