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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Tips to share games on steam – zeedgames


Tips to share games on steam

You can share games on steam but with a clause that only one person can play the game with his original account. It does transfer the game into partners or friends a computer folder but it doesn’t allow them to play it unless it’s the original account holder

But the feature of family sharing on steam allows players to just share their games with friends and family. There will be no need to purchase another file of the game you can use the game that your friends have bought and enjoyed your time. This is a great feature, and in the article, I will share exciting ways to share games on the Steam platform.

But this has a clause also that only one player at a time can assess the game no multiplayer option available. There’s also an issue that you cannot share all the purchased games making it challenging for the buyers to play it with family and friends.

Games can only be shared between 10 devices and five accounts; This is something disturbing, but family share allows most sharing options. Now, will tell how to share steam games on mac and pc.

Step 1 :

Click the top left side of the stream application after opening the app.

Step 2:

Then if you are on Mac click preferences and if you are on PC setting.

Step 3:

Then click the folder named family in the setting, and there you can view the visitors who have played games on your pc.

Step 4:

Then you will see a pop up asking permission to allow the users or not. With this, you can deauthorise the same users also when you want to.

You can just share a game with anyone in the world but one player at a time playing the same game is the clause.

When you open the account and want to play the game, then the other person you have shared must not be playing the game at the same time.

Permission also is needed to be given before someone can access your computer. Stay in touch for more exciting news coming soon of the new updates in the gaming world.