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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Pubg News

Pubg is a great game and people just loved it there were some speculations regarding it. Being harmful to youth but people never stopped playing or showering it love for it. The developers are making some changes in the game and as per the news are concerned the updates can change the overall game.

There is a Blue zone in the game where the players can relax while the danger is available. As soon as the safe zone is available the player can just move out and carry out the desired activities.The news just surfaced on the internet that the blue zone is under renewal and some changes are to be expected.

The changes are said to be bring some more and complex rule while staying at the blue area. There will be sort of two blue zones and the player have to choose or select safer one. It can also work as a trick in making Player reach damage and not safe stay while camping.

There will be two circles blue in color and your have to stay in the outer  one to be on safer side and move ahead with care. The ahead moving will be difficult as the engagements in the blue zone will make players confuse and trapped in both the zones.

There will be 4 strangled players access available only so one and third person should be selected. The news is not yet confirmed but it will be exciting to see how makers come up with the final revelation.

The news is great lets hope for the best stay connected for more exciting news coming up !