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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Great Game

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Great Game

The amazing GTA  : Grand Theft Auto 5

This game is widely played globally and it is a fact regarding this game that it is the only game in the history to earn 1 billion dollar by selling. This is a Great Game with characters resembling so much to humans in real life. The actions are very clear and human like plus the visuals are dynamic.

The game is really very interesting in terms of its great quality and creativity presence. You are given a living full of missions and as you progress you earn money and enjoy the life. I am relating it to life as its truly and in real very close to real life and gives thrilling experience while playing.

The game was rockstars games best selling game and was released in 2013 and from then onwards it broke all the records and earned best place in the world Best Selling Games list. As of june 2019 the game has astonishingly sold over 110 million copies worldwide. That’s a huge figure and shows the public response towards the game and how successful it was among the game lovers.

He game have just everything you can ride a car , play sports , climb and fly etc in sum up you can just do everything a human can do. The roleplaying is a great feature of the game you can become a child choose among different characters and this game is just love. Once you start playing you just get lost in it and there is no returning back. So play the game and get immersed in the game of reality and enjoy yourself to the fullest !