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Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Best games in the world

Games are designed in order to give people comfort of playing at premises of their home. There are many kind of games in the market related to every sport cricket, football, hockey and badminton etc. Games are not only for young ones people of any age can enjoy and play games.

Highlighted below are some important and best of games of their category

Cricket 07

This game was released in the year 2007 but it regarded as one of the best cricket game of all time. The visuals are so amazing that it gives us feel that we are playing in the ground.

Batsmen of all international countries are present in the game and the best part is that every batsman and bowlers style is same as the real players of the team.

The way or bowling the speed limits the accuracy everything is present in the game. There are many different weather conditions mentioned in the game and different stadiums as well. So it just gives the best cricket playing experience ever.


As far as football is concerned the best game is not one but many games are regarded as the best in their own terms. Fifa enterprise have released the best soccer games ever. The games are sometimes paid and sometimes given on free basis specially for iPhone users. The games visuals are astonishing and the additional commentary feature just makes us feel the game.

Temple run

If you have an iPhone than you must be aware of the game temple run. People just went crazy for this game after that many games just tried to copy the temple run idea of free running.

To mention the best free run game ever is temple run as far as my personal experience is concerned. The other games related to the free run category are subway surfers and many more including temple run second edition

8 ball pool

Are you a snooker lover than this game is just made for you. The accuracy the perfection and real life playing scenario just makes this game worth playing. This game is present in app store from a long while and is still famous among the top categories of different games.

Candy crush

When this game was released it just got the public acclamation and become people’s favorite in no time. People just started to play it in offices while doing work while studying and almost every time this game was being played all over the world. Still this game is very famous among its lovers and they prefer playing it other than going for some new released game.

Why Us ?

There is a lot more in the world of games and the purpose of our website is to highlight and update you with the best and almost everything related to games. On our website there will be updates regarding new updates and more than that we will personally review the game for you. After reviewing we will release best and honest opinion regarding the game.

The benefit of review will be that you can easily select which game to buy and play in free time or when you have the mood to play. The review will also highlight the the main parts and amazes of the game plus improvements recommendations will also be given so that you can know about the game before playing or purchasing it and choose easily wether to go for it or not.

The main idea of designing this specific website is to help people play the best game. If you are a game lover than you can relate with us that sometimes when we play new games we just not get fascinated by all the games present in the market. So this website will help you play best and most suitable games.

So if you are a game lover and want to get best updates regarding different games than this website is just for you. Come visit us daily for more exciting news and updates. And stay tuned for more and more of the gaming world